#1 I'm back

Well...if you're still somehow getting updates on this or are a new follow (to what appears, to the untrained eye, to be a brand new blog) then hello! *waves shyly* I've decided, thanks to a few friends, to give this another go. I can't say if it will go well, or even if I have any idea what I'm going to post but I'm going to give it the old college try. 

Speaking of college, or rather university, that's pretty much why I stopped in the first place. It all got a bit much. I transferred from Hospitality Management with HR to the Festival and Events program, as I felt I'm much more suited to running events than working in a hotel or something like that. I'm nearly done with second year and am still loving it. We successfully ran a small one-day indie film festival and I'm volunteering with a charity to learn how they organise and run their events. I'm also still in the pub part time. 

So yup, that's my life now. I still love all of the things I loved when I was blogging before so I'm sure a mix of all of those things will come up. I didn't delete my old posts, just moved them to another blog, if anyone is desperately interested, but hey, if I'm stuck for ideas I can recycle right? 

Hopefully someone out there in the corner of the internet is happy to see my return to the world of blogging. So let's see how this goes, shall we? 


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    1. I am :) Hopefully I'll get back into it. Not going to force it tho!


  2. Welcome back! I recently just started blogging again too. My first blog didn't really end up going anywhere and I gave up, but this time I'm really enjoying it!
    Check it out if you fancy?



I appreciate all comments and feedback and I promise to try to get back to all of you! Thank you! <3 x