#2 March Lucky Dip Club

I've been a member of a few subscription boxes in the past, mainly crafty creatives, however I often get bored and find I'm not longer interested or actually using the products I'm being sent (part of the reason I never tried beautyboxes). but there is one monthly subscription box that I continue to love and can't wait for it to arrive on my door step each month - The Lucky Dip Club box.

The box is the brainchild of Leona, who also ran my former love, Lady Luck Rules OK! and appears on your doorstep towards the end of the month for the grand price of £15 for subcribers and £18 for one-offs. 
One of the main reasons I adore this box is the sheer effort Leona goes to to make each one special, and every month there is always a personalised item, wether it be your name, pet's name or favourite animal (examples from previous boxes). I can say without a word of a lie that I've never been disappointed by anything in the boxes. 

So enough gushing, let's look at what goodies awaited me in this months box...

 All boxes have a wee seal which hints as to the theme for the month and upon opening, you're greeted by a little zine which details the contents, a note from Leona and other titbits relating to the contents, like info on any featured artists/creators. 

The inside is patterned so you can use it for other things. 

This months box contains:
Birdie bobby pins.
Personalised Pink Flamingo Motel keyring.
A new thing which is the charm of the month - a swan on a chain. 
Today's the day list pad
Flying Birds origami kit.

I adore flamingos so can't complain about anything here - I'm sitting under my flamingo fairylights from Primark! (I also got the false nails...cushion...duvet cover set...). Speaking of bedsets, can you spot my highly appropriate duvet cover in the backdrop for these photos? 

So I hope you enjoyed this post and if you've not already, check out Lucky Dip Club but be warned, boxes launch on the 1st of the month and they've been selling out super fast! 

(I forgot this was due today so a wee sub-box post is a nice way to ease back in! Need to charge my camera tho as it's been left abandoned since I gave up blogging!) 


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