#3 Testing a Flavourly Box

So I'm well aware that since I restarted my blog, this will be the second (out of three) post that deals with a monthly subscription box. I promise I'll write something original soon (I'm not sure if the post I wrote on my first intimate wax will ever be published), but for now, while my heads wrapped up in conference management and facilities planning, here's my wee thoughts on my first Flavourly Box.

I've heard about these boxes before, as I think the guy who runs it is from Edinburgh, but don't quote me on that! But after finding an itison voucher to get the box for £8, rather than the usual £20, I figured I'd give it a go.

Flavourly is basically a monthly food box, which includes 10-15 different gourmet foods and snacks, from independent companies and creators around the UK. They also have a craft beer version if you're into the sort of thing.

First things first - I ordered this late Sunday night and it arrived today (Wednesday) so that's a super quick turn around and shipping time. Bonus points there. Secondly, I don't know about you but packaging is a big point for me. The box isn't too large, but it's a lovely white and green colour scheme which feels fresh and natural. There's also nice green shredded paper (or "worms" if you watch Graveyardgirl) which made me think the contents were lying on a field of fresh grass...What? I told you I was in to packaging.

So I guess what you really want to know is that I got in the box right?

My box included:

Willie's Cacao - Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt Flakes.
Saison! flavoursmiths - Cook's Companion Seasoning Blend.
Flavourly Fruit & Nut Mix.
Bekaert's Belgian Biscuit (single serving).
The Belgian Biscuit Spread Biscuit Butter (single serving pot).
On The Go Lizi's Granola Portion - Belgian Chocolate flavour (comes with a spoon attached).
Urban Fruit Snack Pack - Strawberries.
Rani's Savoury Snack Packet - back says savoury noodle mix.
Darling Corn - Sea Salt flavour toasted corn kernals.
Squeezable Deliciousness - Umami Paste.
Kent's Kitchen Meal Kit - Thai Red flavour.
Supernature Basil Infused Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil.
Fairfields Farm Crisps - Sweet Potato with Chili and Lime flavour.
Soffle's Rosemary and Thyme Pitta Chips.

The sweet potato chips were the first to go - as someone who would rather have a packet of crisps than chocolate, they filled a hole and satisfied me just as much as a packet of pom-bears but I felt less guilty. The biscuit and spread went next, not gonna lie I ate it out the pot with my finger and it was like that Biscoff spread (is that its name?) but better! The only other thing I sampled was the chocolate - like I said I'm not keen and it's quite dark which I didn't think I liked but this was so yummy, so maybe I do! 

It seems the people at Flavourly have just launched a marketplace, meaning if you like something from your box, you can go through them to buy more of it! I love this idea, especially as I'd have things from boxes before and you have to go hunting to find the creator and look them up yourselves, whereas this allows you to easily go back and reorder different bits, or try other new things from previous boxes. It also means I'm highly likely to order a jar of this bacon jam....

My only teeny query is that the in-box "meet the makers" leaflet (which is a nice touch) does say that there's a blog with recipes and such but I can't seem to find this on their website or using the link!

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