#4 My First Time

Mid-way through my 25th year on this planet, I decided it was time to bite the bullet, put on, or rather take off, my big girl pants and go and get my first "intimate" waxing.  Now, I'm not going to get into the debate about whether or not women should or shouldn't have pubic hair. As with anything relating to our bodies,it's our own personal choice. I have mine pierced and tattooed, you might not like it, but it's my body and it's my choice. If you don't want to read about it then this is your chance to skip out and go look at fluffy kittens (there's a joke in there somewhere...). I'm not shy and I posted "beauty" stuff before and I feel this counts!

Now that's out of the way, allow me to discuss my experience. I've been shaving for years but recently my skin has been getting pretty bad and it just looks unsightly. I tried a whole bunch of things - the only one of which that worked was an ingrown hair minimiser from Boots but I kept forgetting to use it daily rather than just when I neatened up. I've always considered waxing, and while I'll happily be stabbed with needles or get tattooed for hours, hot wax ripping the hairs out of my personal area did not sound like a barrel of laughs. So, nudged along by my friend Jen and how it was worth it and not as bad as I imagined, I booked an appointment with The Wax Bar in Edinburgh.

Well actually, I emailed them first, half drunk at 9pm on an evening telling them I was terrified of the idea but what did I need to do before booking in. The girl who replied put me totally at ease - they get this all the time and they've heard it all before. I had to leave my hair to grow out for 2 weeks before I could get booked in, so I made the appointment in advance, so I couldn't cave and shave it off or chicken out. Boy did I want to shave it off. It's not a look I enjoy personally and by god does it itch.

Anyway, cut to this week and I'm ready. I'm booked in. I've had a half pint of Strongbow and dry swallowed 2 ibruprofen. I can do this.

I arrived and was taken into a wee room, with the usual bed, towel, calming music set up you get at salons. All looked clean and comfortable and upon seeing the look of pure terror on my face, all the girls made an effort to make me feel better. My waxer (is that the right word? waxist?) told me that it would be fine, to strip from the waist down and make myself comfortable on the bed with the towel over me and she'd be back in a minute. Now, having had multiple irregular smears, I'm an old hat at this. I wore a dress which always leaves me feeling slightly less exposed than if I had trousers on, and also thanks to this, and my piercing experience, I have no shame whipping it out.
Once she came back into the room, she explained I needed to sit with my feet together, knees apart (another familiar one from the doctors) and help her by holding my skin taut. Yes, it was going to hurt a bit, but the more flustered I got, the more it would. I was probably coming across as a total drama queen but she was great at putting me at ease and so patient. The day before was leg day at the gym so I was in agony sitting like that, and I kept jerking my knees in and nearly hitting her. Oops!
Anyway, we got through it. She told me to take deep breaths and hauled the wax off in time with my breathing and managed to make me laugh while doing it.

All in all it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and I am booked in for another one. Yes it hurts - of course it hurts, but it's not unbearable and it's over in a flash. She told me I have very strong hair which is apparently good but not when it's being ripped out of your flesh. Afterwards, I didn't feel any pain or any difference at all really. There was a bit of stickiness from the wax residue but that's all.

It's now been around three weeks since I got it done and I'm a convert. It was ridiculously smooth, to the point I was slightly in awe of it and a weird part of me just kept wanting to look at it... So naturally it's growing back and I've found it wasn't as fast as waxing and nor does it feel as coarse. I'm booked in for another one next week actually!

So this is probably one of the weirdest blog posts I've written but I've decided I should be blogging about my experiences and my life. I kind of apologise for having no filter but at the same time, I hope this has been useful in some small way to another fraidy-pants out there!

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  1. I am still utterly terrified of waxing. I've had my eyebrows waxed once and hated it!


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